The Joe Raposo Music Group

Q: I want to record a Joe Raposo song on my CD or for download, what do I need to do?

A: You need to give us this information:

Record Label name and address (this might just be your name and address if you're not signed to a record label)
Title of song you want to license
Title of CD or Compilation
Format (CD, Download, etc.)
Catalogue # (again if it's just you, you won't have one)
Running Time of Recording
Artist name
Territory (US, World, Europe, etc.)

email it to:


Q: Do I have to pay you an advance on sales?

A: No. Some people choose to pay an advance or for a set number of copies of a CD or download because they don't want to have to report royalties to us quarterly.


Q: Can I use a Joe Raposo song in my (independent film, website, etc.)?

A: The short answer is yes, depending. We adhere to some pretty strong guidelines laid out by Joe during his lifetime and there are clear demarcations of what kind of use is okay and what kind isn't. Our guidelines are basically this: the songs cannot be used to score graphic sexuality or violence or religion (think "Singin' in the Rain" from Clockwork Orange). There are always mitigating factors in some uses, and we can and do take these into account when determining whether a use is appropriate or not.


Q: If Joe Raposo Music Group says I can use a song in my production, can I just use the Sesame Street record I have?

A: No. Every song you have a recording of has two sets of rights associated with it: publishing and master recording. You must obtain licenses from both the publisher (us if you're licensing a Joe Raposo song) any co-publishers (Sesame Street sometimes), and the owner of the master recording (Sesame Street usually).

You may choose to record your own master instead of trying to license a Sesame Street master recording. In that case you only need the publisher's license (usually us and sometimes a co-publisher).

The Joe Raposo Music Group is the administrator for the publishing companies listed on the About page. We issue licenses in their names.


Q: Who Owns Joe Raposo's songs?

A: Many of Joe Raposo's songs are owned by The Joe Raposo Music Group. Others are owned by his heirs directly. Some of his work was "for hire" and is owned by third parties (i.e. The Great Muppet Caper score is owned by The Jim Henson Company)


Q: Where can I buy Joe Raposo's Music?

A: Any online sheet music seller, such as Sheet Music Plus:


Q: But I want a CD or Download, where can I get that?

A: There is a vast collection of Joe Raposo music, DVDs he's scored, and books at Just type Joe Raposo in the search and it'll come up.


Q: I'm a DJ. Can I get that on vinyl?

A: Occasionally, for promotional purposes, we are able to supply vinyl copies of original Joe Raposo songs. Please contact us at